Career in Film Watching

Self-Proclaimed Film Aficionado 

I review a few recent but mostly older movies that I believe stand the test of time.

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History Behind the Madness

Movies have been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember. Most memories I have are associated with a film; the same way a song takes you back in time to that most likely insignificant moment you first listened to it, with a little bit of effort of course. Movies help me place an occasion or a time period because I can never seem to forget the year a movie came out. But of course, this is assuming that I have seen most of these movies the year they came out which is impossible. Some of the earliest memories I have as a kid are bits and pieces of random films or just moving images on the telly and I always recognized those films when I was a little older and was more equipped to sit through and follow an entire movie. As I grew older, my obsession with film grew and my taste in movies changed dramatically. When I was a kid, the types of movies that were popular in Ethiopia were popcorn movies that were action packed and our heroes were Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Jean Claude Van Damme. Late 90’s I remember constantly sneaking into my mom’s study room and watching “the forbidden movies” which were PG-13 and she had a British Counsel Library card so she would rent movies all the time. I remember the one time I was found out was because I had forgotten to rewind the VHS tape, 007 Tomorrow Never Dies, that she had rented so it was pretty obvious someone had watched it.

Early 2000’s, I would watch just about anything since I had a lot more access and freedom in what I wanted to see. I had a good relationship with Jerry who rented me VHS tapes, the only video store in our neighborhood growing up. I felt like a dealer sometimes because I would tell her what new movies she should be bringing in and would give her a list and she would actually bring them in. High school was a turning point; I started watching movies that pertained more to everyday life and were more dramatic, but they were made superbly that I was interested in the film making aspect of it as well. When I went to college in the states, it was game over with all the streaming services we have now. The amount of access I had to movies was ridiculous and absolutely toxic given the amount of movies I would watch in a week, add to that the magic of television shows which we are in the golden age of surely. I have no idea how I found time for human interaction, but I did and everyone that knew me knew who to ask when it came to movie recommendations. In the past three years, I have leaned more towards foreign films and films that came out ages ago before I was born and they’re mostly fantastic. I love talking about movies with people or just hearing people talk about movies passionately and that is why I’m here. Movies are intertwined with my life and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Hopefully anyone who comes across this blog finds a movie to check out.

John Cusack said it best…..



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