THE GIFT (2015)

This is the directorial debut from Australian actor Joel Edgerton who is mostly known for his role in the 2011 film Warrior. The film stars Rebecca Hall and Jason Bateman as a married couple (Simon & Robyn) who move from Chicago to Simon’s hometown. While shopping for supplies for their new house, they are approached by Joel Edgerton’s character (Gordo) who recognizes Simon because they went to school together a long time ago. After exchanging information, Gordo starts intruding in their lives by sending them gifts and showing up at their house uninvited mostly while Simon is at work. He is too friendly and always shows up unexpected; he reminded me of Jim Carrey in The Cable Guy but only less animated and sad. Robyn was always sympathetic towards Gordo despite his slightly amiable but creepy tendencies, while Simon is cold towards him and is not having any of it. Simon does try to tolerate Gordo at first as much as you can tolerate a random person who went to your old school, but he eventually tells Gordo to stop seeing them and things get a little weird. Gordo starts sending more gifts at the door and you always feel like he is around. This movie plays like any other home invasion movie you’ve seen before or so you think. There is a message the movie is trying to convey and it closes with an enthralling scene that truly gives you the chills. This was a great debut from Joel Edgerton and on the acting front he disappeared into the role and was fantastic. Jason Bateman is always known for his comedic roles, but the guy can act and should be in more dramatic roles. Rebecca  Hall is great in every movie she is in so no surprise there. The Gift is a great psychological thriller that has something powerful to say and is definitely one of the best movies of 2015. (8.5/10)


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