Two Days, One Night is the latest film by the Dardenne brothers starring Oscar winner Marion Cotillard as Sandra, a worker at a solar panel factory in a small town in Belgium, who is currently on sick leave after dealing with depression. At the beginning of the film, Sandra gets a call on a Friday from a close coworker telling her that their boss has made the employees vote between keeping their bonuses and keeping Sandra employed while she has been away. Sandra convinces her boss to do a secret ballot on the following Monday and the film basically centers around her trying to convince enough of her colleagues to let go of their bonuses so she can keep her job and make ends meet. Her entire weekend is spent trying to make people vote for her hence the title two days, one night and it is an exhausting task that takes a toll on her. She is supported by her husband, who by all means is pushing and motivating her to see or call her coworkers and plead with them. She is still dealing with depression and she has her kids to take care of as well and it is so easy to sympathize with her character. Marion Cotillard is fantastic in this film, she portrays being normal so well you forget that she is a major Hollywood star. Two Days, One Night is a very effective drama that is saddening and thrilling at the same time. (9/10)


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