FARGO: SEASON 1 (2014)

I have been meaning to check out this miniseries since it first aired on TV and I have no clue how I waited this long to watch it. I have watched the 1996 movie that inspired this show and I was really impressed with the Coen brothers’ classic when I first saw it a few years ago. It was a very peculiar film filled with dark humor and I was particularly impressed with how the film dealt with human behavior. The original film was based on “true events” that took place in Minnesota in 1987 and this series seems to follow the same formula.

Fast forward to 2006 in Minnesota and we have miniseries Fargo which has the same atmosphere and tone as its predecessor, but somehow manages to be more edgy, funny and intense. We have Martin Freeman (Lester Nygaard) from the Hobbit trilogy and the British Sherlock miniseries playing an insurance sales agent with a convincing Minnesotan accent. He is in many ways similar to William H. Macy’s character from the 1996 film in that he is a loser and is not happy with his life. An encounter he has with Billy Bob Thornton’s character (Lorne Malvo) leads to a series of events that take place all within the first episode setting up the rest of the show. It has been a while since I was completely won over by the first episode of a series and it only got better as the season went on. We have our chief of police Molly Solverson played by Allison Tolman who has an undeniable resemblance in character to Frances McDormand in the original movie and she is a worthy successor and arguably the star of the show.

I started watching Fargo around 9 AM October 12, 2015 and finished it by 10 PM that day. I may have taken a two hour nap during the day, but I simply could not stop watching this addictive show that kept surprising me at every turn. Billy Bob Thornton is a revelation playing this villain character who has easily become one of my favorite TV characters of all time, up there with Omar Little, Tony Soprano and Walter White. This show is also up there with the greats, I had no gripes with it whatsoever. The acting was superb, the writing was phenomenal and it is a gorgeous looking show. I knew I was in good hands from the start and it was an absolute pleasure to have witnessed this masterpiece.  (10/10)


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